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Constant Hope in a World of Despair

Updated: Jan 26

I love gadgets! Especially new gadgets that do old stuff easier or new stuff that do new things. For example, there are some earbuds being marketed that listen to a person speaking a foreign language then translates it to the hearer's language. I want that!

Another gadget I'm eagerly awaiting is the Alexa frames. Yes, that Alexa - the artificial intelligence assistant in millions of homes. It (She?) will reside in frames, and you can access her by pressing a button on the frame, ask her a question or submit a request, and Alexa will whisper a response in your ear. I want that! It (She?) is already up and running in our car!

But...gadgets are just stuff that will be replaced by other stuff. Sadly, it's often the same way with people. Remember that co-worker/friend/school buddies that moved away, and y'all promised to stay in touch? How'd that work out? Where are they/you now? Like the Eagles sang back in their 1977 song, New Kid in Town: "They will never forget you till somebody new comes along."

A recent study revealed that most Americans are living with a sense of despair. Suicides are up, drug/alcohol use is up, severe depression rates are up, loneliness is up. It's no wonder so many in the world's greatest nation are lacking hope.

I believe it is every pastor's responsibility to always offer hope in every sermon, class, and counseling session. Regardless of the sermon subject or person's situation, there is always hope found in the message of God through Jesus Christ.

This is my first blog as Pastor of Petra Bible Church. Lots of words for one simple message I want you to remember, repeat, remember, and repeat as often as possible: As long as you're alive, God always offers you hope. Always. Here's an essential Bible fact: When the New Testament uses the word hope, it doesn't mean maybe, perhaps, possibly, or unsure. In fact, it means totally the opposite: Confidence! Assurance! Done deal!

God never forgets you -- there's no gadget or person in the wings waiting to replace you. No matter your age, color, gender, height, weight, abilities, or anything else - you are loved and valued and cared for by God. And for that I am so thankful. And for you I have hope.

On the journey toward newness and constant hope in Christ with you,

Pastor Richard


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